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Marriage Works

The Foundation For family Life will seek to reduce the rates of divorce, absentee fathers, out-of-wedlock pregnancy, and the family breakdown in our communities by providing vital programs that will increase the "Marriage Education" for engaged and married couples, as well as classes specific to developing Healthy Relationships for all members of the family, students, singles, etc.

FatherProfessional Marriage counsellors have provided the following counsel and advice:

Most couples are not aware that the key to having a healthy marriage is to create a better relationship within their partnership, as well as improving themselves as individuals. This concept is essential for positive growth to occur in the marriage.

The first step to working on the relationship within the marriage is to identify the attitudes that have developed within the relationship. It is pretty common for a marriage partners to develop differing attitudes or patterns in their relationship, whether they are in the areas of communication, emotional expression, fighting, parenting or intimacy. The question that most couples need to ask themselves is whether these attitudes that have developed are ones they want to keep and whether they can be committed to creating a better relationship together.

A marriage is a living, breathing entity that naturally evolves over time. If the relationship within the marriage is not maintained, it is easy for a couple to "get off track" and become disconnected from each other. The relationship within the marriage is not nourished and each individual loses an understanding of their partner over time. In order to prevent this disconnect, couples must set aside time together, learn to communicate openly, to resolve differences effectively, and share their dreams and goals with each other on a frequent basis. Creating a better relationship within the marriage also consists of having positive, fun experiences together, where each partner can explore their own strengths and limitations while minimizing the chance for conflict.

It is absolutely possible to create a better relationship within a marriage, even after a long period of disconnect, if both partners are willing. However, changing the patterns of the relationship cannot be approached in a haphazard manner, since the potential in the beginning for reverting back to former relationship patterns is very high.

Understanding the concept and structure of a better relationship within the marriage can also help couples understand where to focus their energy. If either the husband or wife needs to improve upon themselves individually, the structure would allow for this since the relationship within the marriage cannot be strengthened if the individuals are not strong themselves. Thus, it would be important for husbands and wives to set aside alone time in order to do their own part in creating a better relationship by focusing on their own issues. Creating a better relationship within the marriage is often a process that takes time and energy to form. Both partners must be committed to improving their marriage, and receive outside direction in doing so, however it is absolutely possible to turn your relationship around and create the happiness you both deserve.

Our challenge at The Foundation For Family Life will be to create the programs and deliver access to the resources necessary y to improve marriage relationships and meet the objectives we have established.

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"Almost no one is foolish enough to imagine that he automatically deserves great success in any field of activity; yet almost everyone believes that he automatically deserves success in marriage."

— Sydney J. Harris

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